Source code for pyfixit.step

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import requests

from base import Base
from constants import API_BASE_URL
from image import Image
from line import Line

[docs]class Step(Base): '''One step in a guide. :var int guideid: The id of the :class:`` owning this step. Ex: ``5``. :var int stepid: This step's id. Ex: ``14``. :var int orderby: This step's location in its guide relative to the other steps. Lower numbers come first. Counting starts at 0 and should not duplicate or skip over any natural numbers. Ex: ``0``. :var int revision: The revisionid associated with this version of the step in the database, suitable for determining equality of objects not modified after being pulled from the API. Ex: ``33880``. :var string title: The title of this step. May be an empty string. :var iterable lines: An iterable of the :class:`pyfixit.line.Line` objects composing this step. :var iterable media: *(Optional)* A list of :class:`pyfixit.image.Image` objects illustrating the step. ''' def __init__(self, guideid, stepid, data=None): self.guideid = guideid self.stepid = stepid # Usually we're going to have a blob of data, since a GET of a guide # includes all the data of its steps. if data: self._update(data)
[docs] def refresh(self): '''Refetch instance data from the API. ''' # There's no GET endpoint for steps, so get the parent guide and loop # through its steps until we find the right one. response = requests.get('%s/guides/%s' % (API_BASE_URL, self.guideid)) attributes = response.json() for step in attributes['steps']: if step['stepid'] == self.stepid: self._update(step) return raise Exception('Step with id %s not found in guide %s.' \ % (self.stepid, self.guideid))
def _update(self, data): '''Update the step using the blob of json-parsed data directly from the API. ''' self.orderby = data['orderby'] self.revision = data['revisionid'] self.title = data['title'] self.lines = [Line(self.guideid, self.stepid, line['lineid'], data=line) for line in data['lines']] # TODO: Support video. if data['media']['type'] == 'image': = [] for image in data['media']['data']:['id']))