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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import requests
from datetime import datetime

from base import Base
from category import Category
from constants import API_BASE_URL
from flag import Flag
from image import Image
from step import Step
from wikitext import WikiText

[docs]class Guide(Base): '''A series of instructions for performing a task. :var int id: The identifying id for the guide. Ex: ``5``. :var Category category: *(Lazy)* The :class:`pyfixit.category.Category` to which this guide belongs. :var string url: *(Lazy)* The canonical URL for viewing this guide. :var string title: *(Lazy)* The display title of the guide. :var Image image: *(Lazy)* The primary :class:`pyfixit.image.Image` associated with the guide. :var string locale: *(Lazy)* The locale of the text displayed through the guide. :var WikiText introduction: *(Lazy)* A :class:`pyfixit.wikitext.WikiText` of the introductory text on the guide. :var WikiText conclusion: *(Lazy)* A :class:`pyfixit.wikitext.WikiText` of the concluding text on the guide. :var string subject: *(Lazy)* The thing the guide's user is operating on. Ex: ``Processor``. :var datetime modifiedDate: *(Lazy)* When the guide was last modified (UTC). :var datetime createdDate: *(Lazy)* When the guide was created (UTC). :var datetime publishedDate: *(Lazy)* When the guide was first made publicly-viewable (UTC). :var iterable steps: *(Lazy)* An ordered list of :class:`pyfixit.step.Step` objects representing the steps to follow. :var string type: *(Lazy)* The sort of guide. Ex: ``installation``. :var boolean public: *(Lazy)* Whether everyone can view the guide. If a guide is not public, only the author and administrative users can view it. :var int revision: *(Lazy)* The revisionid associated with this version of the step in the database, suitable for determining equality of objects not modified after being pulled from the API. Ex: ``42928``. :var string difficulty: *(Lazy)* An estimate of the difficulty of the guide. Choices: Very easy, Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Very difficult. :var iterable prerequisites: *(Lazy)* A collection of guides that must be completed prior to starting this guide. :var iterable flags: *(Lazy)* A list of :class:`pyfixit.flag.Flag` objects, each containing an informational note about the guide. ''' def __init__(self, guideid): = guideid
[docs] def refresh(self): '''Refetch instance data from the API. ''' response = requests.get('%s/guides/%s' % (API_BASE_URL, attributes = response.json() self.category = Category(attributes['category']) self.url = attributes['url'] self.title = attributes['title'] if attributes['image']: self.image = Image(attributes['image']['id']) else: self.image = None self.locale = attributes['locale'] self.introduction = WikiText(attributes['introduction_raw'], attributes['introduction_rendered']) self.conclusion = WikiText(attributes['conclusion_raw'], attributes['conclusion_rendered']) = attributes['tools'] = attributes['parts'] self.subject = attributes['subject'] self.modifiedDate = datetime.utcfromtimestamp(attributes['modified_date']) self.createdDate = datetime.utcfromtimestamp(attributes['created_date']) self.publishedDate = datetime.utcfromtimestamp(attributes['published_date']) #self.documents = attributes['documents'] author = attributes['author'] = User(author['userid'], name=author['text']) #self.timeRequired = attributes['timeRequired'] self.steps = [Step(step['guideid'], step['stepid'], data=step) for step in attributes['steps']] self.type = attributes['type'] self.public = attributes['public'] self.revision = attributes['revisionid'] self.difficulty = attributes['difficulty'] self.prerequisites = [Guide(guide['guideid']) for guide in attributes['prerequisites']] # attributes['prereq_modified_date'] #self.summary = attributes['summary'] self.flags = [Flag.from_id(flag['flagid']) for flag in attributes['flags']]
[docs] def all(guideids=None, filter=None, order=None): ''' Fetch all guides. :param iterable guideids: Only return Guides corresponding to these ids. :param string filter: Only return guides of this type. Choices: installation, repair, disassembly, teardown, technique, maintenance. :param string order: Instead of ordering by guideid, order alphabetically. Choices: ASC, DESC. :rtype: generator of :class:`` objects. ''' parameters = [] if guideids: parameters.append('guideids=%s' % ','.join(map(str, guideids))) if filter: parameters.append('filter=%s' % filter) if order: parameters.append('order=%s' % order) parameters = '&'.join(parameters) offset = 0 limit = 5 # Tune this to balance memory vs. frequent network trips. guideJSONs = [] while True: if not guideJSONs: url = '%s/guides?offset=%s&limit=%s&%s' \ % (API_BASE_URL, offset, limit, parameters) response = requests.get(url) guideJSONs = response.json() # Are we at the end of pagination? if not guideJSONs: return offset += limit yield Guide(guideJSONs.pop(0)['guideid'])