Source code for pyfixit.flag

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

[docs]class Flag(object): """A way of identifying a common bit of information about a guide or wiki. You almost certainly want to use :func:`from_id` instead of this constructor. :var string title: The title of the flag. Ex: ``Grammar Police``. :var string text: The text describing the flag. Ex: ``Embrace your inner English teacher and help improve this guide's grammar!``. """ def __init__(self, title, text): self.title = title self.text = text @staticmethod
[docs] def from_id(id): """Fetch a pre-created singleton flag. :var string id: The flag's id, as seen on """ return globals()[id]
def __str__(self): return self.title def __repr__(self): return '<Flag: %s>' % self.title # Guide Flags
GUIDE_IN_PROGRESS = Flag( 'In Progress', 'This guide is a work in progress. Reload periodically to see the latest changes!' ) GUIDE_USER_CONTRIBUTED = Flag( 'User-Contributed Guide', 'An awesome member of our community made this guide. It is not managed by iFixit staff.' ) GUIDE_STARRED = Flag( 'Featured Guide', 'This guide has been found to be exceptionally cool by the iFixit staff.' ) GUIDE_FEATURED_STUDENT = Flag( 'Featured Student Guide', 'This guide has been the hard work of our awesome students and is found to be exceptionally cool by the iFixit staff.' ) GUIDE_MISSING_STEPS = Flag( 'Missed a Step', "Oops! This guide is currently missing some important steps." ) GUIDE_MISSING_IMAGES = Flag( 'Needs More Images', "A few more images would make this guide's procedures crystal clear." ) GUIDE_GRAMMAR_ERRORS = Flag( 'Grammar Police', "Embrace your inner English teacher and help improve this guide's grammar!" ) GUIDE_LOUSY_PICTURES = Flag( 'Needs Better Images', "Better photos will improve this guide. Help out by taking, editing, or uploading new ones!" ) GUIDE_MARKUP_PROBLEMS = Flag( 'Markup Mishap', "This guide needs better markups. Help out by correcting or making some markup annotations." ) GUIDE_INCORRECT_BULLETS = Flag( 'Bullets!', "Better coordination with markups and the color/type of bullets will help make this guide more clear!" ) GUIDE_UNNECESSARY_STEPS = Flag( 'Step Trimmer', "This guide has unnecessary steps. Trim them to be more concise!" ) GUIDE_MISSING_PREREQUISITES = Flag( 'Missing Prerequisites', "This guide is missing information on how to start the process. Make a prerequisite guide!" ) GUIDE_INCORRECT_PREREQUISITES = Flag( 'Mismatched Prerequisites', "This guide does not have a proper prerequisite guide. Help match it to its ideal partner by finding it or writing one!" ) GUIDE_INCONSISTENT_IMAGES = Flag( 'Inconsistent Images', "Updating the images on this guide to be more consistent with the prerequisites would increase its awesomeness." ) GUIDE_INCORRECT_TEXT = Flag( 'Confusing Text', "Some of this guide's text is confusing, duplicated, or off-topic. Clarify it by editing!" ) GUIDE_INCORRECT_TOOLS = Flag( 'Incorrect Tools', "Help make this guide better by using the correct tools in images and/or text." ) GUIDE_IMPROPER_ACTION = Flag( 'Action Shots', "Be an action hero! This guide needs images that better demonstrate how to perform specific actions." ) GUIDE_PREREQ_ONLY = Flag( 'Prerequisite Only', "Please note that this guide is only a prerequisite for other guides." ) GUIDE_DELETE = Flag( 'Request Guide Deletion', "This guide will be reviewed by admins for deletion." ) STUDENT_OWNED = Flag( 'Student Guide', "This guide is being worked on by hardworking students." ) INTRODUCTION_ISSUES = Flag( 'Better Introduction', "Improve this guide by completing or revising its introduction." ) GUIDE_SPLIT_PREREQ = Flag( 'Slice and Dice', "The steps in this guide should be split up and made into a series of prerequisite guides." ) GUIDE_PATAGONIA = Flag( 'Patagonia Sponsored', "Patagonia and iFixit are collaborating to provide guides for Patagonia's most popular apparel repairs." ) GUIDE_ARCHIVED = Flag( 'Archived Guide', "This guide is retained solely for historical purposes. Use the updated version of the guide to perform your repair." ) DANGER = Flag( 'Potentially Dangerous', "Injury may result if this procedure is not followed properly. Use caution and follow all warnings." ) GUIDE_INCORRECT_PROCEDURE = Flag( 'Scenic Route', "This guide's procedure isn't the most efficient way to get the job done, but still may be useful in some circumstances." ) # Wiki Flags WIKI_PRIVATE = Flag( 'Unpublished', "This wiki will not appear in search results, but can still be viewed by anyone!" ) WIKI_IN_PROGRESS = Flag( 'In Progress', "This wiki is unfinished." ) WIKI_STUB = Flag( 'Stub', "This page is a stub. Help make iFixit better by adding information to it!" ) WIKI_DEVICE_STUB = Flag( 'Device Stub', "This device wiki is a stub. Help iFixit by adding information to it!" ) WIKI_DEVICE_INCOMPLETE = Flag( 'Incomplete Repair Manual', "This device repair manual is incomplete. Help iFixit by adding more information about the device and step-by-step repair guides!" ) WIKI_STUB = Flag( 'Page Stub', "This wiki page is a stub. Help iFixit by adding information to it!" ) WIKI_DOCS_NEEDED = Flag( 'Documentation Needed', "This stub helps to identify areas that haven't been well documented. Help iFixit by finding poorly documented areas and identifying them with this stub!" ) WIKI_NO_SUMMARY = Flag( 'No Summary', "This wiki does not have a summary. Help iFixit by writing one!" ) WIKI_NO_IMAGE = Flag( 'No Image', "This wiki is missing a device image. Help iFixit by uploading one!" ) WIKI_NO_AREA = Flag( 'No Category', "This page hasn't yet been categorized. Our admins will be around to organize this content soon!" ) WIKI_IMPROPER_FORMATTING = Flag( 'Improper Formatting', "This wiki does not meet iFixit's formatting guidelines." ) WIKI_INCORRECT_TEXT = Flag( 'Incorrect Text', "This wiki has information which is deemed incorrect, misleading, or unclear." ) WIKI_GRAMMAR_ERRORS = Flag( 'Grammatical Errors', "This wiki has grammatical errors or does not meet iFixit's writing guidelines." ) WIKI_BAD_IMAGE = Flag( 'Unsatisfactory Image', "This wiki has a low-quality photo. Please help iFixit by either re-editing or re-taking the photo!" ) WIKI_DUPLICATE_DEVICE = Flag( 'Duplicate Device', "This device page is a duplicate with another device. Please merge this content into the canonical device." ) WIKI_DELETE = Flag( 'Request Page Deletion', "This page is being considered by moderators for deletion." ) WIKI_STUDENT_OWNED = Flag( 'Student Wiki', "This wiki is being worked on by students." ) WIKI_TEACHER_OWNED = Flag( 'Teacher Wiki', "This wiki should only be edited by teachers." ) WIKI_MIRO_OWNED = Flag( 'Unbelievably Awesome', "Miro's profile is so awesome it may blow your mind." ) WIKI_DONATE_DEVICE = Flag( 'Donate Device', "iFixit kindly requests this device to be donated for the technical writing project." ) WIKI_DICTIONARY = Flag( 'Business Dictionary', "This wiki helps define a term used in the Repair Business Toolkit." )